Itron AnyQuest & EverBlu

Your meter may be fitted with a remote reading unit, also known as a transponder. Reading water meters can be a dirty and difficult job, and this transponder allows meter readers to read your meter remotely using a handheld computer, by coming close by, but without the need to locate and clean out the meter chamber.

You should not remove the transponder, since it means the meter reader will need to read the meter visually, and you will lose valuable usage information recorded by the transponder. Removal and later replacement of the transponder is recorded, so the meter reader will still need to read the meter visually.
Even with the transponder attached, it’s still possible to read your meter normally, since the transponder does not obscure the dials. There may however, be a small door covering your dials and keeping them clean. The door can be opened with the transponder still in place, allowing you to read your meter without removing the transponder.


Itron PDF Downloads

Aquadis+ improved rotary piston water meter, Class C or D, inline or coaxial, DN15 to DN40 (1/2″ to 2″)

Download Aquadis+ Brochure
Size: 443kb
Release Date: May 2007




Aquadis rotary piston water meter, Class C or D, inline or coaxial, DN15 to DN40 (1/2″ to 2″)

Download Aquadis Brochure
Size: 447kb
Release Date: Nov 2006



Single jet turbine, Class C inline meter, DN15 to DN32

Download Flodis Brochure

Size: 371kb
Release Date: Aug 2007



High reliability Class C meter for large flow rates, DN40 to DN100

Download FlostarM Brochure
Size: 459kb
Release Date: Dec 2006




Combination meter where fiscal accuracy over wide range of flows is required. DN50x20 up to DN150x40

Download Isoflo Brochure
Size: 129kb
Release Date: Mar 2006


 Class B meter for network management, DN50 to DN500

Download Woltex Brochure
Size: 236kb
Release Date: Dec 2006



Extended range version of Woltex, giving greater Qmin to Qmax

Download Woltex M Brochure
Size: 213kb
Release Date: Nov 2006




Itron Strainers, top entry, high load storage

Download Strainers Brochure

Size: 85kb
Release Date: Oct 2003



Remote read sensor for Itron meters

Download Cyble Sensor Brochure
Size: 158kb
Release Date: Aug 2007




Radio Module for remote water meter reading, IP68, extended information

Download EverBlu Cyble Brochure
Size: 183kb
Release Date: Nov 2006




Radio Module for remote water meter reading of non-Itron/Actaris meters

Size: 101kb
Release Date: Nov 2006



Ultrasonic class C water meter

Download Echodis Brochure
Size: 173kb
Release Date: Oct 2010



Ultrasonic Heat Meter, DN15 to DN80

Download CF Echo II Brochure
Size: 352kb
Release Date: Nov 2006