General Privacy

Temetra does not collect any personal information from visitors to our website, and does not use tracking data.

Customers of Temetra should refer to the terms and conditions of individual contracts to see the privacy policy in force.


Cookie Policy

This Cookie Policy outlines our policy concerning the use of cookies and similar technologies (“cookies”) on all Temetra hosted sites.

This site does not use cookies or third party tracking.

Customer Web Application

When not using Multi Factor Authentication (see below), we do not store any permanent cookie on your computer. As with most web applications, there is a temporary session cookie used while you’re logged in to the web application, and is deleted when you log out.

Temetra does not use any third party services, and so does not rely on third party cookies for our service.

Customer Web Application, using Multi Factor Authentication and Trusted Device

Temetra offers optional additional security using Multi Factor Authentication (MFA), also known as Two Factor Auth.

When using this feature, we provide an option to mark certain devices or computers as Trusted Devices, that can skip MFA steps. Such devices are marked on Temetra by storing a permanent cookie, that identifies it as trusted by you.


We may update our Cookie Policy from time to time to reflect any changes in technology or legislation which may affect the way in which cookies are used by us and how you, as a user, can manage them. By continuing to use our website you accept our use of cookies.